This is an inquiry I get posed frequently when addressing Business Owners and Leaders. It’s an incredible inquiry… furthermore, the correct inquiry.

Client Obsession is effective when it is “top down” in any association… originating from the top Leader as the manner in which you are going to maintain the business. It isn’t fruitful “starting from the earliest stage… where it is driven by some enthusiastic representatives needing to be increasingly about the client. Without the top person(s) driving this… tenaciously… an association won’t cross the abyss to turning out to be Customer Obsessed. They will in all likelihood surrender when they hit what I call “The Valley of Despair”. This is the spot when circumstances become difficult, representatives whine, the outcomes aren’t perhaps what were normal, it takes more work, or there are such a large number of different things pulling at you and you don’t continue through to the end. On the off chance that you, as the pioneer, aren’t completely inundated into pushing through, your workers for the most part aren’t either.

What does it take to be this sort of pioneer? There are 5 key characteristics I feel are vital on the off chance that you need to lead your organization into the ideal world called Customer Obsession…